Update… End of September

Well.. we have some exciting stuff just down the pipeline. Right now we are working on a cool consulting project but we have also done a lot of other work on mainly our All-In franchise.

The long awaited Version 3.0 of All-In Hold ‘Em for Windows Mobile is just about complete! Im hoping it will be done and depending on how the Windows Mobile Marketplace submission process works be ready for the grand opening in just a couple weeks… Its really that close.. What’s in it??? Well, some cool things including a new interface, and ……. Multiple Careers, and ……… Omaha!! Watch for it the beginning of October.

And All-In Poker for iPhone now has a minor update that is planned with a bit of the work already done. If you call this a minor update. The plan is to allow the choice of a couple tables and about 6-8 card backs, choice to rotate screen the other way, a few more pretty it up things, some AI updates, swipe to fold, and Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Hold ‘Em and a new game!! Badugi!!! Watch for that soon as well.

We hope to see you in the AppStore and new WM Marketplace!!

Back to work…