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Razz Poker Basics for iPhone

We would like to introduce the first of several titles teaching you how to play poker. Razz Poker Basics is a new iPhone application that teaches you how to play the popular game of poker known as Razz. It uses an innovative new tutorial system to walk you through the rules, strategy and some example hands of poker. It then also allows you to practice as much as you want in an actual Razz tournament against computer players before hitting the real felt.

We plan on innovating the tutorial system and concept even more so watch for this to evolve into something very neat, and let us know if there is a game you want us to cover in an upcoming title.

Version 3.5 of Extreme Agenda.

I finally got an update to Extreme Agenda out there. Version 3.5 is a really cool release that enhances the XA experience on VGA Windows Mobile devices greatly. I went through and completly cleaned it up to work better on smaller VGA screens including bigger list items and controls for easier more finger friendly use, and put in a whole slew of new and bigger icons mostly from Professional Icon sets, so everything just looks and works great on your VGA device. And to top it off, we’ve dropped the price down to just $9.95!!! That is a crazy low price for what you get, so try it out, tell your friends and enjoy Extreme Agenda even more on your awesome VGA WM devices…

XA iPhone call to Arms

Ok, just looking for a few brave souls that would like to help steer the development of Extreme Agenda for iPhone in a fun way.

I had a really great group of Beta Testers in private forums on this site that helped steer the initial XA for WM to make it such a great product. (and if any of you have since picked up an iPod Touch or iPhone and want to participate just let me know, that goes for all XA for WM converts to iPhone).

Well I want to take that to the next level. So I have created a Facebook Group that will allow complete interaction along with Sneak Peaks, design input(and more), and eventually will be Ad Hoc Beta Testers if they want to be. All I ask is for feedback on what you are thinking on what we are doing or should do, and how you would use it…

Just drop an email and if Im still wanting more and I can find you on FB Ill throw you an invite….


Metal Poker –> All-In Poker

The initial response to Metal Poker has been very positive!! Thanks to all that ‘get it’. While Texas Hold ‘Em is HUGE, the poker world doesn’t revolve completely around just that game. So having a ton of exclusive games is a pretty big deal!! I love that a lot of the true poker players are finding our game and understand that AI and the games are the most important!!

That being said, we went right out and did our first update!! And what does it contain: NO LIMIT Texas Hold ‘Em. We ported over all of the top notch AI from All-In for No Limit including having the computer players go on tilt…. People just expect NL Hold  ‘Em and I understand!! I fell in love with it too!!

 I would have put it in the original release had I thought of the way I now implemented it. The idea is to expand the game, and so I want to be able to offer Pot and No Limit versions of all the games. But that will be a ton of work in the AI department for all 7 games, and I needed to get the game out. So temporarily in the game selection list there is a “NL Texas Hold Em” and a limit “Texas Hold ‘Em” which solves this. And we left it easy to modify so we can actually go in our original direction very quickly!

 What does that do for us!? Well for one …. Our franchise poker game name is “All-In”. But that didn’t make sense without a no-limit game you could go “All-In” in… Well now you can, so the game is being re-branded to “All-In Poker” so people further connect it with the franchise and know more of whats coming and what to expect!



So for the next update, say hello to “All-In Poker”….


Thanks and we hope you enjoy our game!! We’re All-In!!


Its that time of year… Birdsoft will be on a family vacation in the Northern part of Wisconsin, so we won’t have much internet access! That’s Ok, that would get in the way of Fishing, Golfing, and Family Time!! So I will be back Next week energized and ready to go…  Please see the FAQ sections for questions you may have.

(Perfect timing with Metal Poker being in the AppStore review queue)

Top Secret.

What we workin on? Well that’s Top secret…

We are working on a few different projects. A couple of BIG updates and something in iPhone that is right up our alley. I only have it in me to try a couple more times on that platform, so I might as well go big on what I know… Otherwise I fully expect the Windows Mobile market to come dancing back into what it once was and more come this fall… Its a long wait til then though… 


 Oh, yeah, Gem Ninja just confirmed my suspicions. Not a ton of sales, and that thing would have sold like crazy on other platforms… BUT we only have 3 days in it!! People did download it a TON when I offered it FREE for a while though…


Grrrrr…. Ok, things always come up… I have some consulting work and some other things that got in the way of my little experiment.. Did I say 3 consecutive days…

Im hoping to get my 3rd day in on it early next week… 🙂



The Experiment, Day 2

Well I have a lot of the game specific logic coded. I am having some trouble re-creating the tile flip code that Im borrowing from Poker Stacks. Its all in there, but doesnt want to work quite right which has taken up a little more time than it should have. Ther is always something. But Im getting pretty far.

Unfortunately, it may be harder to meet the exact 3 day cutoff, as I had a little problem that just Urks me about Macs. Their “so reliable” Mac vs PC commercials make me more mad than anything!! I haven’t had Visual Studio actually crash on me in years, but after about an hour of coding on the program I started typing and XCode just crashed. Every change gone. It was very weird and unfortunate that I didnt kick off a build in that time to save it. Yes, I used to have to worry about this way back when on Visual C++ and so probably have a tad better habits on the Windows side but it was just a matter of hitting the save all button in the toolbar and continue. On Mac its a menu item that then has to prompt you, and well since its not easy, its easier to try to take the chance. And well, that lead to writing the same code over twice!!! UGHHH!!! Thanks Apple…