Ulti-Planner on iPhones

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Your calendar evolved.

Ulti-Planner is a modern powerful calendar app made for the next generation. We have spent years perfecting our new flagship product with speed, power, and flexibility. Features include full year, month, timeline day, week, and agenda list views to display your events and reminders, along with advanced tools like custom view filters, drag-n-drop, natural language parsing, and widgets to really take control.



  • The most powerful and customizable month view on any iPhone
  • Multiple high design widgets
  • Modern card based Item display
  • Birthdays with images
  • Special Birthday filter
  • Copy/Paste events
  • Drag-n-Drop support
  • Time zone support
  • Full Year view
  • Uses and expands on your native calendar data
  • Sync like you would with the default calendar (Google, iCloud, Exchange)
  • Quickly jump to your Zoom, GotoMeeting, Skype, Webex, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams calls
  • Universal support for iPhone and iPad
  • Accessibility support


  • Global search view
  • Swipe the month view for full screen and week views
  • Quick filtering by calendars
  • Advanced filters by calendar, participants, and tags and set custom view for each
  • Save events as templates
  • Embed lists into events (and reminders)
  • Show a day bar to highlight your day
  • Share events (and reminders)


  • App icon home screen choices
  • Dark and light theme support
  • Nine bright colored themes
  • Fifteen solid color background themes
  • If you need more room hide large titles
  • Calendar has 8 view display types and 3 text sizes
  • Week number, week start, and colored text calendar choices
  • Choose default map and links apps
UltiPlanner Calendar on iPad


  • Powerful block week, timeline day, and agenda list views
  • Natural language ‘Quick Entry’ (English only)
  • Even more app icons
  • Weather support
  • Hashtag/Keyword support used in sorting and filtering and icons
  • Assign popular emoji icons to events, reminders, calendars, keywords, or hashtags
  • Include reminders


  • Integrate reminders in your calendar and widgets
  • Reminder screen with pinning, recent lists, and unlimited custom views
  • Specialty views including a reminders map
  • Three levels of sorting on each view
  • Reminder templates
  • Swap reminders to events quickly