The Power in Ulti-Planner

So what features can not be ignored in the all new Ulti-Planner. Well, where do I start.

Note that some of these advanced features may only be available in the Premium version. So give that free trial a try to give all this power a test drive.

Card Interface

By now we’ve all gotten used to the awesome interfaces built around cards that pop up from the bottom to show you the information you need quickly and clearly. Well, we have brought this to the calendar as well. A card will pop up to show you information on your item, with popular options of what you can do with them, including tying an icon directly to that event. If you swipe the card up further more information and options will be shown including a way to get to Apple’s details.


Everybody is familiar with the advantages of having #hashtags available. Well we have built an engine that can detect and add hashtags to the notes fields of your events and reminders. You can then use them to do advanced filtering, sorting, and adding of Icons.

And specialty keywords can also be added in Settings that work much in the same way. Icons can be assigned and they can be used for filtering later. So if you have a bunch of generated events in your calendar that all happen to have one keyword( like ‘scrum’ or ‘volleyball’), you can setup a filter in order to only view these items.

Custom Filters

Don’t miss this amazing feature. On every calendar view is a filter button that you can toggle on and off. By default it will show all of the individual calendars you are using, as well as a special Birthday filter. But the real power of this comes in if you scroll the filter tabs to the end to find where you can add custom filters.

A custom filter allows you to basically create a specific view of your calendar, with filters by calendars, lists, hashtags and keywords, and participants. A calendar type can be specified for this filter, so if you normally like calendar text, but for this you would rather see an Icon and Time Bar view, you can do that. This is a game changer for how you use your calendar.

The filter toggling has been specifically designed so it will remember the last filter you have selected. So if you usually switch between two sets of information, the toggle will jump right into your regular or custom filter with one press.


We have spent a bunch of time making Reminders a lot more flexible so they can be organized in a lot of ways, including custom views, and can continue to be molded into the way you want to use them, whether it be setting up a custom system like GTD or your own.

Embedded Lists

Embedded lists have been brought over from Extreme Agenda to allow you to essentially make any event or reminder into a list that is managed more simply and noted in the notes of your item. Try it out using the button in the card view and see just how powerful adding a todo or shopping list to an event can really be.


A good calendar app needs to be able to show your data at a glance with all the right information. So we decided that we needed to ship Ulti-Planner with some really nice clean widgets that can show you your data with icons and colors just like you’d see in the app. It even uses the theming of the app for title coloring.


The new code in Ulti-Planner meant I was handling the UI much better, and allowed me to start to give a much better experience with accessibility features. So it allows for better voiceover and touch options, and we hope to continue to improve on this as we go along.


These are just some of the advancements we have made in Ulti-Planner. If you haven’t been using our innovative products in the past, we hope you are in for a few surprises and increased productivity. If you have you should expect to find a great set of powerful features as you’d expect, and know we will continue to add more power and flexibility.