The Best iPhone Calendar App

So you are looking for a replacement to Apple’s own calendar app on your iPhone. Want to see and update your schedule quickly with more information available in more straightforward ways. Or are you looking for more powerful features that may help you keep organized in all new ways?

Here’s a biased look at our new app from someone that has been in and studied this market for over 12 years. A lot of what gets hyped out there has been around for a while, and might not have as many features or be as solid as you might think. And might not be worth the cost.

Ulti-Planner Calendar

New for 2023, Ulti-Planner is a culmination of over 5 years and 1200 new development hours to produce what we think is the new standard in iOS scheduling. Based on our well established calendar code that has powered our other very popular and best selling calendar apps, Extreme Agenda and The Grid, this new app has been completely redone from the ground up to keep the core, but clean up everything to be more intuitive, fast, lightweight and reliable. This new codebase allows us to add great new features and iterate much faster, as should be evident by our adding so much including Contacts only 2 months after initial release.

App Customization

Ulti-Planner prides itself on being one of the most customizable calendars out there. We want you to feel at home with the look so have both light and dark themes in a variety of colors, or you can change to any of a bunch of solid background colors to change the look entirely. We even help you change some of the options in a handy onboarding screen when you first run the app.

Month Display Customization

The month view also can be displayed in a large variety of formats. Are you an icon person? Set your events or calendars to be represented by an icon and show those on the calendar with premium. How about seeing text? We have 3 different formats for that in 4 text sizes. Are Birthdays Important? We can show you pictures of your closest friends and family. Something simpler? How about time bars or just colored dots.

This month view is the workhorse of the application, and is FREE to use by everyone. And you can pull up or down on it to see your month in full screen, or a week strip with room for much more daily information.

Custom Filters

And what’s even more cool is you can set up custom filters to instantly show just specific information in any of the different view types mentioned above. Want icons for your kid’s calendar, but a time bar and text for your 3 work calendars? No problem.

The Staples of a Modern Calendar

And thats just for starters. Once you upgrade to Premium you can add staples of the modern calendar like 3 more powerful calendars views, Natural Language event creation, A full Reminders screen and integrated reminders in your calendar, a full featured Contacts screen, #hashtags for icons and filtering, and even weather.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have so many more customizations and features baked in that you will feel right at home, even with the basic version, which was designed to be fully usable without nagging you to upgrade. The card based UI, global search, templates, drag-n-drop, widgets, meeting support, and handy event and reminder sub-lists are just some of the other features you will find and fall in love with right away.

But don’t take our word for it. Please give it a try, and see if it has what it takes to become your new goto calendar .

Thank you.