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Coming up on October…

We are just about complete with Extreme Agenda 3.0. It is looking really good with a bunch of new high res icons and changes. And the features that are getting in there are the last few that we really think are needed soon to allow us to do some other bigger things with the product line. Tasks alarms and Templates, a search view, Subject wrapping on Task and Event View, Contact Sorting and a few more things are all feature complete. Just wrapping up Repeating Tasks, Contact Categories, and a couple smaller things, and then we just have QA and Beta Testing… So we are shooting for Mid October release, might fall right around when the famed iPhone 5 makes its appearance(and just in time to welcome in all the TMobile and Sprint users?!). Should be a very interesting next couple months… And to top it all off I move into the new Birdsoft Corporate Headquarters right at the middle of the month too… We’re very excited for all of it.

And a big thanks to all of our customers over the years. Yesterday was Birdsoft’s 10th Birthday, and we celebrated with a massive sale that was highly successful and really got me pumped up to try and go for another 10 years.


Update: If you are itching to know what is going on with XA 3.0 and if you are on Facebook be sure you join the Extreme Agenda User Group. I have posted a number of screenshots and more information on the upcoming version.

Extreme Roadmap..

First, thanks everyone who was patient and willing to work with technical support on the 2.10 problem. That particular error was easily diagnosed once we saw it, and we got the fix out within hours, and thankfully Apple helped us out by expediting a review, so the 2.10 version only was available for 4 days.

And thank you for supporting Extreme Agenda. We keep turning out big feature updates so you will immediately notice you are getting crazy good value for your money, but we aren’t done… So its a great investment now for the future of the product.

Here are our basic plans for XA going forward:

We have version 2.15 almost done which fixes a couple things, adds some better diagnostics to help us work out problems better, and adds the new Timeline Day view, and a few other calendar specific features. Timeline day is a fantastic new view with inline editing and toolbars that allow moving, copying, and other tools right from the list. (A sneak peek screenshot is shown at our Extreme Agenda Facebook page).

What also is coming in this update is a new version of the app, which will be just the key features of the calendar section of XA. We want to compete with a couple programs out there (one font based), that got very popular, but kind of get in their own way as far as not adding features in the name of minimalist design and their own thoughts on how scheduling should be done. That stuff is great for a lot of people, but most people eventually end up expecting a little more… We hope to give it to you. And once you want to go even further and have more features, the great thing will be that an InApp purchase will be available that allows you to update it to the full Extreme Agenda. It will be a great app to suggest to your friends or to try out XA’s features.

And then 2.20 will be started right after 2.15 is out. It will add some major upgrades in Contacts and Tasks as well as some other powerful agenda based pieces. There likely wont be any one HUGE new feature, but a ton of little ones that will make this update one that adds a lot of punch.

And then 2.5 is scheduled for this summer, with a couple of really big features along with a big iPad version update and a bunch more little features to make this the most flexible and all around best Organizer for iOS hands down.

So if you are waiting for some of those other organizers to update their app, come see how far we’ve caught up and in a lot of ways passed them in functionality. And then stick around and enjoy all the new features that are coming sooner rather than later.


And we’d really appreciate some good reviews on the AppStore if you are enjoying XA! The people that need to complain in situations like 2.1 don’t tend to come back, so we’d love to have a few good ones to balance them out, as they no longer really apply.

Update: Version 2.15 is in the store. We have submitted a bug fix update(v.2.16) that also does some great optimizations to the app that will make it use less memory and load faster. And Extreme Calendar is out on the AppStore now too..

We have switched the schedule slightly as well, a 2.2 version, which will add a couple of the calendar specific power features, will come first and then 2.25 which will have a few more calendar features and the contact/task upgrades. We want the new XCal users to see the benefits of their first update so they know we mean business (and some are features that I really wanted in v.2.15).

Extreme Agenda 2.1 plans

Well, we think Extreme Agenda 2.0 is already a big success with great features not all found anywhere else, and kept at a low low price. Thank you for helping us. With popularity it pushes us to be able to work on it even more and get it to where we really want it much quicker. We just submitted 2.01 which addresses some of the issues that popped up in the 2.0 release, and now we feel we are about at the point where we can move on heavily to 2.1.
So our plans, as stated elsewhere, is to create a quick update that adds a bunch of smaller feeling features that make the application way more powerful. We haven’t finalized exactly which of those features will make it in, but event coloring choices and calendar text along with some contact grouping stuff are ‘for sures’. There are a bunch more features that are being mulled over but now we have added what will likely be the biggest feature of 2.1… Universal Support!
We have huge plans for an iPad version, but as an experiment we compiled the 2.0 version using iPad settings and it turned out that with some tweaking and formatting it will be really useable without changing a ton. So we’ll get it ready to use now, and add on more later…
And we don’t want to charge you twice for what basically is the same application, so we will make it a Universal application so you can use it on either or both devices. A bunch more work will go into it to get it to the ‘neat’ planned version later, but we just think that will be part of the evolution of the product, and doing this will help get to that. So we’ll see how eventual updates go, but we plan to keep it all one product… And the goal is to get the whole app to where we ‘want it to be’ completely by July! So watch for even more updates after 2.1 too…

Thanks for supporting Extreme Agenda.

February 2011

Hi there. Just figured I’d drop a little note to tell you that we are coming along big time on version 2.0 of Extreme Agenda. That is our main focus right now and we think it is turning out great. Go to Facebook and do a search on “Extreme Agenda iPhone” if you want to see a couple sneak peek screenshots of version 2.0. And join the group or follow us on Twitter as we plan on doing up the 2.0 release big with some giveaways and specials.

Oh and as a blog special sneak peek, we even have a new icon for the app:

iPhone Calendar

We think the current users will be pleasantly surprised with the free update and any new users, we hope you pick up XA now, as the new regular price for XA after 2.0 will be $4.99. We’ve basically kept the price low to try to get the word out, and we’ve succeeded, but our main competition goes for over twice the new price, and while they aren’t innovating as fast as we are(check out our release notes on the XA page), they had a head start. But we feel that we’ll be about caught up very soon… 😉 At least with the features that really matter…

So check out Extreme Agenda now, and watch for 2.0 soon!!!

(and welcome to all you new Verizon iPhone users!)

November Check-in…

Well, it is super busy here at Birdsoft.

We are totally excited about the recent release of Extreme Agenda for iPhone and the success it has already had. We are putting in a lot of hours to get an update out with a bunch of new features including some of your great suggestions.

We also just completed 2 updates, one hopefully making Poker Stacks more solid with OpenFeint(already approved), and the other adding Retina Display support to PokerTimer. We are also trying to sneak in a retina display All-In update as well as creating an awesome new productivity product. And we want them all done by the Holidays. Oh, and we are working on a neat consulting project too…

So we’re busy, but we’re having fun…

Update: Oh, and we have a new version of Metal Euchre submitted that should address the “Bidding” window problems once and for all…

Extreme Agenda for iOS coming soon.

We are wrapping up development of the 1.0 version of Extreme Agenda for iPhone and iPod Touch, and are extremely excited about it. It is on pace to be done and submitted within the next couple weeks!

It has some awesome features and a a very cool interface and look that will make using your calendar and todo application more useful and fun. And it will only be version 1.0, so we plan on going for feature parity with it’s older brother and then well beyond!!!

And to top it all off we plan to offer the initial version for a crazy low introductory price!

We are at the point where we will be building some ad hoc builds for beta testers, so if interested just email me…

Tell your friends and be on the watch for all new Extreme Agenda!!!

Check out a sneak peek here.

Whats going on at Birdsoft

Well, we are finishing up an awesome consulting project that pretty much involved every buzz word technology for iPhone and iPad. Encrypted XML, Cover Flow, Pinch and Zoom Image viewers, Push Notifications, Web Services, ……and on and on. And now we are looking at maybe doing another cool consulting project. But we did sneak in a build of PokerTimer HD for iPad that is submitted and are looking at finishing All-In HD.

The plan also includes one other secret project and then now that iOS 4 is out, we want to finish up Extreme Agenda iPhone, while leveraging what Apple gave us of for a Calendar API on the new OS… Ive just been playing with it, and I think we can come up with some neat stuff and grow it big time without doing everything from scratch…

So we’re still chugging along… Watch for some coolness soon….

December 2009 – Wha?

Well, Birdsoft has been extremely busy. We have just released a huge release to our biggest product of all time. We are finishing up some really cool consulting projects. And Im excited for a couple of FREE projects that are in the submission process with Apple.

All-In 3.0 has been doing very well, and I encourage Windows Mobile users to check it out. Of course Microsoft is going the way of Apple with their submission process and has rejected it once due to some weird “hopper” test that they use to try and crash your application over 2 hours of random input. The thousands of people that have played the game dont run in to too many real world crashes or I would have heard about them. But I will be attempting to get that resolved and re-submit soon…

PokerTimer iPhone has not yet ‘cleared customs’ as now Apple do to their ridiculious submission testing has rejected it twice. The first time was from a private API that doesnt even make sense to be private and I have used in at least 4 other applications. The 2nd time I used a ‘compose’ icon (they maybe could have mentioned it the first time) that is a piece of paper and pencil to access where you ‘Edit’ the Levels. Well its not for composing or editing Levels but rather messages and may confuse the users to use that icon, so I have since re-submitted again for the 3rd time with a slightly altered icon.

All-In Poker Lite is also in the submission pipeline, which will offer a FREE and rather unobtrusive game of All-In with only Limit Hold Em and Omaha included.

We have some other projects in early stages for the iPhone including Poker Timer Pro, The update to All-In, another poker related title, and initial work has been started on another possibly recognizable title….

Extreme Agenda iPhone

Extreme Agenda iPhone

Yes, plans are in the works to bring Extreme Agenda over to the iPhone in stages. The plan is to first bring a lot of the calendar functionality over as the iPhone calendar is rather weak. Then Task/Todo’s and Sync/Contacts/Projects and as much feature parity as we can possibly hit while creating this new interface. We’d LOVE to hear feeback on what you really want to see.

So Yes, we are rather busy…. Hope you are having a great Holiday Season.

All-In Poker 3.0 for Windows Phones

All-In 3.0

We are pleased to announce that we have finally released Version 3.0 of All-In Poker. It has a bunch of great new features including the game of Omaha, Multiple Careers, and a slick new interface. We have also put a lot of effort into making it better on the new classes of devices with VGA and WVGA screens and even 320×320 screens for the Treo users out there. Bigger Fonts and making it more finger friendly are just some of the things we tried to do for you. We hope to agree that we have taken the best Poker game for Windows Phones and made it even better.

And we hope that our current users will be willing to pay the small upgrade fee to start enjoying the game with the great new features. We know our competitor’s charge that same price for just a limit version of their game or just an Omaha Version. Why not continue to have it all in one place. Previous users can install the trial version, and if they want to revert back to a 2.x version they can download that off our product page to re-install right over the new trial.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy All-In 3.0 for Windows Mobile.