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Using Extreme Agenda for Getting Things Done(GTD) on iOS

With version 4.1 of Extreme Agenda we have not only done a lot of work cosmetically to make it beautiful for iOS7, but we have went over some areas with a fine toothed comb to add features that would be helpful to you. One of the areas that got a lot of attention was reminders. We hope to offer a solution for those people that want to use the Getting Things Done or GTD methodology on iOS, to use our app and reminders to achieve optimum productivity.

So let us explain a little about how we approached this.

In GTD you take all of your things(items) you need to do, and you sort them based on projects. In Extreme Agenda we suggest you use the reminder calendars for these, so in 4.1 we added a few things to make this more powerful. One, you can now go into the calendar list in settings and add and filter by these reminder calendars just like you could with event calendars. We now also allow the showing of a calendar tab bar across the top on the reminder list that will quickly filter the list down to only one ‘project’. And in the main settings app, which we use, is  the ability to set a default reminder calendar, so you can consider creating a reminder calendar called ‘Inbox’ and set it as the default(in main settings app under ‘Reminders > Default List’).

Next in GTD there are contexts. This is the ‘where’ or the ‘what is needed’… That sort of thing. How about using categories for this. They are basically tags that you can then filter by across the entire app. From the reminder list you can just hit the sidebar or menu and choose filter to turn it on and quickly toggle the categories shown.

And finally in GTD you sort your things by actions. Well this is easy, as another part of our reminder extensions we offer a ‘status’ or action field. And you can sort by this status in the ‘sort’ of the reminder list. We know that in order to move your things around you want to be able to quickly set this status. In 4.1 we added the ability to hold down on a task, and a tool will pop up allowing you to select a new action, and hit set to make quick work of this.

And if that wasn’t enough you can now hold down on the ‘+’ button on the reminder list top bar, and a toolbar will appear with the option to add a reminder template.  So you can use our system to create quick templates that are assigned to your projects(calendar), contexts(categories), and status actions. Note: We plan to change templates so you do not have to have a subject to make this easier.

Set up your system to hide completed reminders, and as you go you will see and feel your todo items shrink into oblivion.

We also added the ability to show only the active(and overdue) tasks in your list. Dates can be an important part of your GTD setup, so filtering the Reminder List yet again to only show reminders with active dates further helps in your organization and goals.

Extending that thought further throughout the whole app you can be assigning events to the same categories, and create similar calendars for events and reminders, and then filter the whole system using this. You can now use this to only one manage one project, or only the contexts available. And it is an option that with one button press you can quickly convert a reminder to an event, and back again.

We know that not everyone flows this way, but all of these features should help in the way you choose to organize and attack your todo reminders. Knowing this we allow you to change things like the action popup toolbar to allow you to change the priority instead. Sort by highest priority and attack and re-sort. We hope that makes it easy.

So we hope that we have made great strides in using a system like GTD along with our app. But we know there is more to do, and we don’t claim to be GTD experts. In fact we just picked it up, and tried to use it to plan the creation of version 4.1.

So if you have ideas or questions please feel free to let us know.

Thanks and continue to ‘get organized.’

Almost there……

Extreme Agenda 2.0 for iPhone is almost done. We just have a half page laundry list of items to button up and test, which considering at the beginning of the week was about 4 pages, we are close…

For those not keeping track, here is what we have put into Version 2.0:

* Full Portrait Support in all views. A most asked for feature….

* Contacts both in a coverflow view or if you choose, a Photo Contact List view. It contains some neat things like Favorites and filtering by Alpha , so you can quickly jump to all of the people who’s name starts with ‘?’. And a handy contact popup that lets you email, text, or call the person. Keep in mind this view has been added to get the basics in there, and great productivity features are planned for future releases now that it is there.

* A Year Overview. Right now it is mainly just so you can see the full year’s worth of calendars and jump to a specific month, but we will be evolving this to show more.

* Agenda List View. This shows a list view like the day view but containing the next week’s worth of day’s events, tasks and dates.

* Quick Lists with Jot List Technology. The quick lists are built right into the app, so you can create shopping lists, todo lists, whatever lists extremely quickly and share them with friends using BUMP. It is fully compatible with our Jot List iPad and iPhone app, so using Dropbox you will be able to sync lists from XA to Jot List(or BUMP them).

* New Theme Choices – Don’t like dark themes? Well we’ve cleaned this up and added several light background colors to choose from and other tint color choices.

* New Options – We’ve added a ‘Start On’ option so whenever you open or activate the program it will jump to your favorite view. And we’ve added TextExpander support so if you have this handy program then our main edit fields will be able to use it.

* Other tweaks all around. We’ve cleaned up how we present some information, show more of it, reworked icons, added more category icons, got a new app icon, and just worked on the overall experience.

So that’s 2.0. And we’re already excited about what is going into 2.1 now that 2.0 is almost done. Version 2.1 is going to be a quick turn around with a huge list of small but powerful feature additions that will make productivity so much greater. If you have an idea for 2.1 or beyond of something you definitely want to see, let us know…

(remember to pick it up now, as version 2.0’s normal price will be $4.99 instead of its current price)

UPDATE: It has been submitted!

Here come’s OpenFeint…

Ok, so Ive wanted to try OpenFeint for a while now and finally out of the blue really researched it. And to my surprise it was WAY easier than I had imagined. And the newest interface in it is something I really really like.

So I took a couple days and some late nights and did a little project that I had wanted to do in order to make my first OF game something I’d really push. I took the TriPeaks engine (already ported to iPhone in Metal TriPeaks), a game that I am truly addicted too, and re-used a lot of the Jezster Assets and some new All-In cards and created a more “Happy World” version of TriPeaks. I then revamped the engine so that I could make any board layout I want that fit the rules and then did a few boards. Then just a little ‘achievement check’ coding and I added in the OpenFeint API…

…………And WOW!!

I have a TriPeaks game that is in my opinion way more fun (and cute) than any of the other Solitaire games out there. TriPeaks just ends up feeling so much more like a a puzzle/action game than a solitaire game, and this is no exception. Initial Beta testing is over, and yet I still find myself playing this game… And I can’t wait until I can be competing against all of you on the OF global leaderboards.

Thank you OpenFeint for making a product that has helped take this game to the next level.

The process was so easy, that Im happy to say Ive also already added it into Jezster. With the existing goals and high score system already in there, it was less than a couple hour project. And Ive spent a bunch more time optimizing the application to get rid of the slowdown issues on 3.x devices. So It now works on 3.1 like it originally worked on the 2.x devices…. Why oh why did the performance get hit that hard while they “improved” the OS…. So, JEZSTER is in the Approval process and is coming back swinging with OpenFeint too… Lets have some online Domination.

See you on the leaderboards…

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