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Here come’s OpenFeint…

Ok, so Ive wanted to try OpenFeint for a while now and finally out of the blue really researched it. And to my surprise it was WAY easier than I had imagined. And the newest interface in it is something I really really like.

So I took a couple days and some late nights and did a little project that I had wanted to do in order to make my first OF game something I’d really push. I took the TriPeaks engine (already ported to iPhone in Metal TriPeaks), a game that I am truly addicted too, and re-used a lot of the Jezster Assets and some new All-In cards and created a more “Happy World” version of TriPeaks. I then revamped the engine so that I could make any board layout I want that fit the rules and then did a few boards. Then just a little ‘achievement check’ coding and I added in the OpenFeint API…

…………And WOW!!

I have a TriPeaks game that is in my opinion way more fun (and cute) than any of the other Solitaire games out there. TriPeaks just ends up feeling so much more like a a puzzle/action game than a solitaire game, and this is no exception. Initial Beta testing is over, and yet I still find myself playing this game… And I can’t wait until I can be competing against all of you on the OF global leaderboards.

Thank you OpenFeint for making a product that has helped take this game to the next level.

The process was so easy, that Im happy to say Ive also already added it into Jezster. With the existing goals and high score system already in there, it was less than a couple hour project. And Ive spent a bunch more time optimizing the application to get rid of the slowdown issues on 3.x devices. So It now works on 3.1 like it originally worked on the 2.x devices…. Why oh why did the performance get hit that hard while they “improved” the OS…. So, JEZSTER is in the Approval process and is coming back swinging with OpenFeint too… Lets have some online Domination.

See you on the leaderboards…

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