Poker Time…

Well, I have finally been able to pretty much finish a rather important update of All-In Hold ‘Em, arguably the best Texas Hold ‘Em game for Windows Mobile. The product was very well pollished and successful and so it hit a little stagnant development time while other applications were realized to their full potential. Well now we are getting back to what really got us here…Poker!!


Version 2.8 will fix a few small nagging things that have been around in the Smartphone and Pocket PC/WM Pro/WM Classic versions. But where it really gets the goods is VGA and 320×320 screen support. We hope you agree that on the newer devices coming out like the Diamond, Touch Pro, Treo 800, and Treo Pro the game looks great.

 We were finally able to get an update for our Graphics Library and so are now building on something that we are quite confident in. And we did quite a bit of work under the hood! Why…??? Because we have an AWESOME Version 3.0 Planned… and we won’t be waiting long on getting to this.. We actually wanted to get to this 2.8 mark and then forge ahead with some really cool things… Basically we want to lock up the title for best Poker game on the Platform(s).

 So watch for Version 2.8 of All-In coming very soon… It still has the Best Artificial Intelligence on a Mobile Device, the Best GamePlay, The Best Career Mode, and tons of Customizations… And now it has VGA graphics to go along with it!!!


Note: Late addition.. We have decided to throw in WQVGA 240×400 support as well!   With some of the new code now underneath, it is much easier(actually started it about an hour ago an am about done). So we’ll bring the Samsung Omnia some Love too…

Update: It is out now!