Metal Poker –> All-In Poker

The initial response to Metal Poker has been very positive!! Thanks to all that ‘get it’. While Texas Hold ‘Em is HUGE, the poker world doesn’t revolve completely around just that game. So having a ton of exclusive games is a pretty big deal!! I love that a lot of the true poker players are finding our game and understand that AI and the games are the most important!!

That being said, we went right out and did our first update!! And what does it contain: NO LIMIT Texas Hold ‘Em. We ported over all of the top notch AI from All-In for No Limit including having the computer players go on tilt…. People just expect NL Hold  ‘Em and I understand!! I fell in love with it too!!

 I would have put it in the original release had I thought of the way I now implemented it. The idea is to expand the game, and so I want to be able to offer Pot and No Limit versions of all the games. But that will be a ton of work in the AI department for all 7 games, and I needed to get the game out. So temporarily in the game selection list there is a “NL Texas Hold Em” and a limit “Texas Hold ‘Em” which solves this. And we left it easy to modify so we can actually go in our original direction very quickly!

 What does that do for us!? Well for one …. Our franchise poker game name is “All-In”. But that didn’t make sense without a no-limit game you could go “All-In” in… Well now you can, so the game is being re-branded to “All-In Poker” so people further connect it with the franchise and know more of whats coming and what to expect!



So for the next update, say hello to “All-In Poker”….


Thanks and we hope you enjoy our game!! We’re All-In!!