XA iPhone call to Arms

Ok, just looking for a few brave souls that would like to help steer the development of Extreme Agenda for iPhone in a fun way.

I had a really great group of Beta Testers in private forums on this site that helped steer the initial XA for WM to make it such a great product. (and if any of you have since picked up an iPod Touch or iPhone and want to participate just let me know, that goes for all XA for WM converts to iPhone).

Well I want to take that to the next level. So I have created a Facebook Group that will allow complete interaction along with Sneak Peaks, design input(and more), and eventually will be Ad Hoc Beta Testers if they want to be. All I ask is for feedback on what you are thinking on what we are doing or should do, and how you would use it…

Just drop an email and if Im still wanting more and I can find you on FB Ill throw you an invite….