Whats going on at Birdsoft

Well, we are finishing up an awesome consulting project that pretty much involved every buzz word technology for iPhone and iPad. Encrypted XML, Cover Flow, Pinch and Zoom Image viewers, Push Notifications, Web Services, ……and on and on. And now we are looking at maybe doing another cool consulting project. But we did sneak in a build of PokerTimer HD for iPad that is submitted and are looking at finishing All-In HD.

The plan also includes one other secret project and then now that iOS 4 is out, we want to finish up Extreme Agenda iPhone, while leveraging what Apple gave us of for a Calendar API on the new OS… Ive just been playing with it, and I think we can come up with some neat stuff and grow it big time without doing everything from scratch…

So we’re still chugging along… Watch for some coolness soon….