February 2011

Hi there. Just figured I’d drop a little note to tell you that we are coming along big time on version 2.0 of Extreme Agenda. That is our main focus right now and we think it is turning out great. Go to Facebook and do a search on “Extreme Agenda iPhone” if you want to see a couple sneak peek screenshots of version 2.0. And join the group or follow us on Twitter as we plan on doing up the 2.0 release big with some giveaways and specials.

Oh and as a blog special sneak peek, we even have a new icon for the app:

iPhone Calendar

We think the current users will be pleasantly surprised with the free update and any new users, we hope you pick up XA now, as the new regular price for XA after 2.0 will be $4.99. We’ve basically kept the price low to try to get the word out, and we’ve succeeded, but our main competition goes for over twice the new price, and while they aren’t innovating as fast as we are(check out our release notes on the XA page), they had a head start. But we feel that we’ll be about caught up very soon… 😉 At least with the features that really matter…

So check out Extreme Agenda now, and watch for 2.0 soon!!!

(and welcome to all you new Verizon iPhone users!)