Today should see the release of our full paid version of the Midnight version of The Grid Calendar. We really like this product and hope that having a paid version can support it into the future.


We have mentioned it several times in the past but thought we’d break it down here, We think The Grid is a superior product to Fantastical, the app that garnered so much attention in the press at the same time as every major release of “The Grid”. While they did a good job on that product, initially it was full of a lot of holes, that Im glad that they have partially fixed. It does have a unique way of scrolling through dates and a couple neat features, but really the UI isn’t over the top attractive and stays quite Apple generic.

So here is a breakdown of what we see as benefits of each:

The Grid Midnight Fantastical
Month View X X
Week Strip View X X
Search X X
Copy/Move Events X X
Week Numbers X X
Day Badge X X
Attendees X X
Natural Language Entry X
Time Zone Support X
Drag-n-Drop X
Templates X
Text on Calendar X
One Touch Filtering X
Advanced Repeating Events X
Multiple Event Alarms X
Email and Share Events X
Multiple Themes X
Universal X
Dated Reminders X
Weather X

And a little secret, we have a couple things in the works for the only 2 things they have we don’t.

Thanks for considering ‘The Grid’, and if you aren’t convinced try out the FREE version and give it a try before upgrading or buying Midnight.

Midnight “The Grid” on AppStore