Replacing the iOS7 Calendar

One of the biggest changes Apple made in creating the new iOS7 is to completely revamp what was already working with more minimal and sometimes less recognizable versions of their core apps, like calendar. Clean and white is great, but at some point what you are stripping out or re-formatting might not be making something more helpful to all people.

That’s where third party calendars come in. We spent some time to clean up and make our own calendar apps more clean and fit in with iOS7, but we aren’t making many changes just for the sake of change. We think you can look clean, and yet still show a lot more useful information…


Which is more useful for you? And ultimately looks more like what you expect a calendar to look like?

And these alternative iOS7 calendars offer almost all of the same features as the built-in calendar like search and a week view, use the same data and syncing, and add great features that Apple hasn’t added. Drag-n-drop, templates, customization … and way way more… In fact these apps are sometimes the inspiration for the new things Apple does do.

So if you are not satisfied with the iOS7 calendar remember that that’s what the AppStore is for. There are tons of great third party calendar apps out there that show you more information, give you more features, and can still have a clean style. The Grid and Extreme Agenda are too great examples, and The Grid is even free to try.

Enjoy the good things that iOS7 has to offer and the flexibility to change what you need to.