Here comes 2019!

For being dialed back on Birdsoft in 2018, we have still managed to sneak in several enhancements to our product line and keep the ball rolling.

We released our first Mac OS app into the App Store!! PokerTimer for Mac has been very well received. We had so much fun creating it based on our iOS PokerTimer, that itself is quickly approaching 250,000 users, we definitely want to do more for Mac OS.

UtiliForms has been upgraded substantially and now contains a very cool Web/Server component that can help track data via the web and an integrated map. We’d love to show you how flexible it is for data collection and what all it can do…

Extreme Agenda got a pretty nice update this year. More importantly, that codebase has gotten some much needed love in a bunch of other directions to use well in to the future. Watch for improvements in 2019 to make this powerhouse of an app even more versatile.

And finally, a ton of work has been done on a new project(s) that we hope to show you in 2019. This will play a key part in the future of Birdsoft. In fact, with all the work that has went into this, ‘dialed back’ isn’t really correct for us in 2018. We are very excited to take the cover off of everything soon and show you that we still are passionate about making great apps.

Thank you all!   Happy 2019!



P.S. There’s now an Apple Watch or two in the house, not sure what that means yet for our software, but it can’t be bad.