Ulti-Planner 2.0 Features

Mac Version

Ulti-Planner 2.0 features the all new Mac version of the app. Designed around the “Mac Hub” sidebar to resemble the common design paradigm of Mac desktop, it allows the quick view of today’s weather, day bar, and current month, and has quick access to all of the screens available in UP. The quick entry system of event creation is also integrated directly into this screen for always there availability.

The Mac version works great with our existing drag-n-drop interfaces and we have added built in zoom choices in the toolbars. So the Kanban project board can show multiple columns in multiple sizes with dragging for status planning, and the timeline view can easily be switched between 1 day, 3 day and 7 day usage for easy rescheduling options.

Goals and Habit Tracking

We have added a complete Goal/Habit Tracking system into the app as another module for premium subscribers. Conceived as a type of event, users will easily be able to track their daily goals right in their calendar, and do thing like filter them and interact with them to keep track of their stats on how well they are doing to keep those streaks going.

Focus Sessions

 We have added Focus Sessions into the app with both timer based and Pomodoro based sessions available to help the user stay focused on a particular task right from their calendar. When completed the app can record the session as an event to keep track of all your weekly sessions.

Design Refresh

 The app is already one of the most customizable on the App Store with a ton of theme choices and calendar settings to allow you to see what you want to see the way you want to see it.

We have now gone over the app with a fine tooth comb to clean up some clutter and adopt a couple of new things like a number based “today button” and standardized view menu system. We’ve also added the option to use a tab bar based approach in the entire iPhone app, and this has become the standard interface on iPad. 

And we were inspired by the new Apple Sports app to offer some very cool new Gradient based color choices for the background on iPad and iPhone. 

Other Features

We didn’t stop there. Other features our users will appreciate are the new reminder tag filtering built into reminder lists, the travel time display for events on the map card, tag coloring, birthday notifications, and we’ve completely reworked calendar handling with easy editing and icon assignments.  

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