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Almost there……

Extreme Agenda 2.0 for iPhone is almost done. We just have a half page laundry list of items to button up and test, which considering at the beginning of the week was about 4 pages, we are close…

For those not keeping track, here is what we have put into Version 2.0:

* Full Portrait Support in all views. A most asked for feature….

* Contacts both in a coverflow view or if you choose, a Photo Contact List view. It contains some neat things like Favorites and filtering by Alpha , so you can quickly jump to all of the people who’s name starts with ‘?’. And a handy contact popup that lets you email, text, or call the person. Keep in mind this view has been added to get the basics in there, and great productivity features are planned for future releases now that it is there.

* A Year Overview. Right now it is mainly just so you can see the full year’s worth of calendars and jump to a specific month, but we will be evolving this to show more.

* Agenda List View. This shows a list view like the day view but containing the next week’s worth of day’s events, tasks and dates.

* Quick Lists with Jot List Technology. The quick lists are built right into the app, so you can create shopping lists, todo lists, whatever lists extremely quickly and share them with friends using BUMP. It is fully compatible with our Jot List iPad and iPhone app, so using Dropbox you will be able to sync lists from XA to Jot List(or BUMP them).

* New Theme Choices – Don’t like dark themes? Well we’ve cleaned this up and added several light background colors to choose from and other tint color choices.

* New Options – We’ve added a ‘Start On’ option so whenever you open or activate the program it will jump to your favorite view. And we’ve added TextExpander support so if you have this handy program then our main edit fields will be able to use it.

* Other tweaks all around. We’ve cleaned up how we present some information, show more of it, reworked icons, added more category icons, got a new app icon, and just worked on the overall experience.

So that’s 2.0. And we’re already excited about what is going into 2.1 now that 2.0 is almost done. Version 2.1 is going to be a quick turn around with a huge list of small but powerful feature additions that will make productivity so much greater. If you have an idea for 2.1 or beyond of something you definitely want to see, let us know…

(remember to pick it up now, as version 2.0’s normal price will be $4.99 instead of its current price)

UPDATE: It has been submitted!