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 Windows Mobile Professional / Classic

WM5 and WM6 +

Price: $19.95
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"This product is a must have for all golfers that want to keep their golf scores using their ppc. It's very easy to use, yet powerful. Storing the course information is easy and very useful (only setup each course I play once)... The best thing that I have found is that I do not need to use the stylus when actually on the course... Keeping score with the large (fingerable) buttons is quite nice." -Handango User

Windows Mobile Golf Scorecard - FairwayWatch

Welcome Golfers.

We would like to introduce you to Fairwaywatch, the top Golf Scorecard for your Windows Mobile Professional device.

FairwayWatch was designed with the user in mind. The simplest yet most impressive user interface makes using the scorecard out on the course easy and fun so you can enjoy your round that much more. Priced well below the competition, but with competing feature sets, this is a must have out on the links.

Now with GPS. Yes we have included a GPS Distance View with Club Selection in our Program. Always know just how far you are from the green or any obstruction and which club you would normally use. You really shouldn't have to pay extra for such a handy and fun technology. Note: Works with the GPS setup in WM5-WM6 devices, some hole 'surveying' required on each course.

And watch for a New Desktop Version of FairwayWatch with Handy Course Entry, Scorecard Printing, and Round analysis coming very soon which will be FREE for all Registered FairwayWatch Users.

  • 2 Stylus Free Score Entry Systems
  • GPS Distance View with Club Selection
  • Importing/Exporting of Courses (Submit your courses to our Internet Catalog)
  • Saving/Reviewing of old rounds
  • Save Player Information
  • Stableford or Handicap Scoring
  • Putt Tracking
  • Side Bet Game Scoring
  • Statistics Page
  • And More...

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Course Catalog
FairwayWatch is made for courses to be re-used by many players. As Such we offer a Course Catalog as a handy way for you to submit setup course files for others to use and to download courses you may want to play soon. Visit the course catalog for submission information.

Visit our Course Catalog!

Version History

Version 3.0 Changes - 7/24/2008
  • GPS Distance View with Club Selection
  • Great New Look
  • Stableford scoring
  • Improved One Handed Use
  • Better Screen Support
  • Simplified Tee Entry
  • WM5-WM6+ Only
  • Many Other fixes and enhancements
Version 2.55 Changes - 5/23/2007
  • Desktop Install | CAB Install
  • Better Support for Square Screen Devices
  • Support for Control Pad left/Right to move when scoring
  • Other fixes and enhancements
Version 2.5 Changes - 12/22/2005
  • VGA/Landscape/Square Screen/WM5 Support
  • Toolbar Interface
  • Improved Display and more
Version 2.0 Changes
  • 18 Hole Rounds now handled completely
  • Handicapping shown
  • New Stats, including 1-putt, 2-putt, 3+putt
  • ClearType Support
  • Improved Display
  • Other UI fixes
  • if set focus to another edit box in big thumb mode it works correctly
  • 2.0.01 - fixes focus on putt edit boxes
  • 2.0.02 - fixes totals on 2nd nine hole view
  • 2.0.03 - par/yard display on 2nd nine holes in hole view
  • 2.0.04 - Edit current hole info now works correctly with 18 holes
  • 2.0.05 - Handles if tees arent the same in the course between first and 2nd nine.
Version 1.01b Changes
  • Saves display configurations of Putting and Betting correctly
Version 1.01 Changes
  • Big Button +/- Fix
  • "E" designation For even Par on Hole view
  • Black Text for above par scores on Hole view
  • Other Cosmetic Changes
Version 1.0b Changes
  • Saves Course/Player Info more often
  • Demo has more functionality