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 Windows Mobile Professional / Classic

WM5 and WM6+

Price: $4.95
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Rating from TuCows!

In the end, it should satisfy most card game fans does its job well.
- FWIFFO at See Full Review Here

Four Stars."Very good Euchre program for PPC... Very well laid-out table with some good display options. You can also adjust the play style of the computer players, which is nice. "
-Chris, Chicago

Metal Euchre

Metal Euchre is the top Euchre Game for your Windows Mobile Pro device. It features great gameplay with challenging AI and customizations to allow you to enjoy a quick game of Euchre or Dirty Clubs wherever you may be.

Currently priced at only $4.95. So get your tricks with Metal Euchre.

Recently updated for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 support with rotation, VGA, Square Screen and Wide screen support and new graphics.The game was originally known as TrickHand Euchre.

Note: Dirty Clubs is a variation of "Buck Euchre" or "Cut-Throat Euchre" for those not familiar with it. It is a Non-Team version of Euchre in which each player is allowed to bid his hand unless a Club is turned up. In this case clubs are trump and everyone must stay in and get a trick to avoid a bump.

  • Euchre and Dirty Clubs
  • Customizable Table, Deck and Players
  • Hang the Dealer Option
  • and More..


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Version History

Version 2.0 Changes - 10/20/2008
  • WM5/WM6 Support
  • VGA,SQ,Wide Screen and Rotation Support
  • New Graphics
  • Other Fixes and Enhancements
TrickHand - Version 1.10 Changes
  • Custom Background Images
  • Hang The Dealer
  • Text/Trick/Name Color Adjustments
  • Bold Text Option
  • New Card Backs
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements
Version 1.01 Changes
  • SOUND!!!
  • New Card Backs
  • Other Cosmetic Enhancements