Coming up on October…

We are just about complete with Extreme Agenda 3.0. It is looking really good with a bunch of new high res icons and changes. And the features that are getting in there are the last few that we really think are needed soon to allow us to do some other bigger things with the product line. Tasks alarms and Templates, a search view, Subject wrapping on Task and Event View, Contact Sorting and a few more things are all feature complete. Just wrapping up Repeating Tasks, Contact Categories, and a couple smaller things, and then we just have QA and Beta Testing… So we are shooting for Mid October release, might fall right around when the famed iPhone 5 makes its appearance(and just in time to welcome in all the TMobile and Sprint users?!). Should be a very interesting next couple months… And to top it all off I move into the new Birdsoft Corporate Headquarters right at the middle of the month too… We’re very excited for all of it.

And a big thanks to all of our customers over the years. Yesterday was Birdsoft’s 10th Birthday, and we celebrated with a massive sale that was highly successful and really got me pumped up to try and go for another 10 years.


Update: If you are itching to know what is going on with XA 3.0 and if you are on Facebook be sure you join the Extreme Agenda User Group. I have posted a number of screenshots and more information on the upcoming version.