Extreme Agenda 3.0

Version 3.0 of Extreme Agenda has been submitted to Apple. It took a lot longer than expected, but it finally opens up a few doors with the product line that we’ve wanted to take advantage of, in the next couple months. So what is in it:

  • Search View – Allows you to search Contacts, Tasks and Events.
  • Task Templates – save often used tasks for easy creation, just like event templates.
  • Task Alarms – Set an alarm for each task x days before(or day of) at a certain time.
  • Repeating Tasks – Work just like recurring events but the new task is only created when last one was completed.
  • Contact Sorting – Sort by Company, Name, or Categories.
  • Contact Categories – Save as Apple’s Groups so will see them from other Apps. Assign color/icon and sort and filter by them.
  • Note Linking – If you have emails, websites, or phone numbers in the notes of a task/event you can now click on the notes field and a list of those items will show up to allow you to interact with them.
  • Subject Wrapping – In viewing an event or task, the subject will now wrap to show it all, and in two line table cells if there is room it will also show more of the subject.
  • New Visual Styles – We added 8 more colors and a new way to draw title bars and separators in lists.
  • A whole bunch of other fixes and enhancements. Things like a ‘contact to event’ button, putting more buttons in where they will help, making things more uniform, and added a ton of high res versions of icons we use to make everything look clearer.

So we think you’ll agree XA 3 is a real step in the right direction of taking over the Organizer world on iOS. And it positions us to do even more…

If you are curious to see some screenshots of XA 3.0, join our Facebook Group.